Fabspeed McLaren 650S Supreme Titanium X-Pipe Exhaust System (2014-2017)

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Fabspeed McLaren 650S Supreme Titanium X-Pipe Exhaust System (2014-2017)

Have you been searching every crevice of the internet for the finest 650S exhaust known to mankind? Well look no further! This tier 1, aerospace ULTIMATE quality exhaust system is manufactured with TIG welded Titanium, that’s been plated in a sublime Gold finish for a look befitting the finest supercars in the world.


Imagine, the most sublime, race bred, spine tingling sound you’ve ever heard. Now DOUBLE THAT. That’s what our Supreme Titanium X-Pipe delivers to your McLaren 650S. Turbos spoolin’, V8 roaring, and fireballs out the tailpipe. 


  • Fits all McLaren 650S / 650 CAN AM vehicles worldwide coupes and spiders (2014-2017)
  • 40% lighter than T304SS
  • Your choice of beautiful Gold Titanium tips, Can-Am style tips, or 675 LT style tips
  • Produces a ripping high pitch exotic sports car sound
  • 50 state emissions legal - OEM Catalytic converters are retained
  • Massive reduction in weight compared to the factory system
  • Dramatic improvement in sports car sound and power throughout the RPM range
  • Constructed from high-quality C.N.C. mandrel-bent pure Titanium
  • Argon back purged and TIG welded

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