McLaren 720S Supersport LT Style Exhaust System

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High-flowing LT Style pipe replaces the heavy and restrictive OEM exhaust system for maximum increase in performance and sound                                                                                   

Fabspeed Motorsport developed our exhaust system with direct Solidworks flow analysis in order to maximize the flow characteristics and performance qualities. The Fabspeed LT Style pipe was designed to significantly outflow the $5000 factory optional race exhaust system. See video below for detailed analysis animations. Exhaust flow is smoothed out for a more pleasing, exotic sound and increased power to match. 


  • Fits all McLaren 720S vehicles 2018+ Model Year worldwide COUPES and SPIDERS

  • Simple direct replacement, "cat-back" bolt on system to replace the factory heavy and restrictive OEM muffler system

  • Street-legal CAT-BACK and no altercation to emissions or warranty

  • Designed, engineered and fabricated in house at Fabspeed Motorsport

  • Fabspeed was the worlds very 1st company to designa dn egngineer every single Mclaren exhaust- Fabspeed has the most experince with Mclaren cars. 

  • Producing a Gutsy 675 LT Style sports car sound. 

  • V-band flange construction for perfect fitment with the factory components

  • Fabricated from 3"/76mm high-quality TIG-welded T304L stainless steel

  • All Fabspeed performance products are backed by the Fabspeed Lifetime Warranty

HP (whp):+55 TQ (ft/lbs):+54 WT (lbs):-9


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