NISMO Intercooler For NISSAN Skyline GT-R BNR34

節省HKD $600.00

優惠價格HKD $15,800.00 正常價格HKD $16,400.00


Brand: Nismo
Product: Intercooler - BNR34
Part No: 14461-RSR47

Core diameter H: 270 x W:594 x D:100mm
Material: Aluminum
Weight: Approx. 7.2kg (Previous part: approx 9.8kg; OEM part: 6.7kg)

- Replacement for 14461-RSR45 and 14461-RSR46
- When attaching the unit to a car equipped with a standard bumper, some mechanical work (removal of the screws for fixing the grille to the bumper) is required. The genuine grille cannot be used.
- To attach a genuine Nissan optional intercooler air spoiler, some mechanical work is required on the spoiler itself.

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